How does vs use chart controls to draw graphics?


In Visual Studio programming, sometimes we need to add some to the page because of work or project needs. Chart function, that is, chart function. Of course, we can make these icons through complex programming and draw pictures through controls. These are more troublesome. Of course, you can also use a simple method, that is, embedding DLL files, and then making chart charts by referencing files. Next, let me briefly introduce it!

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1. What I am demonstrating here is a c/s interface. First, open a vs, and thenCreate a new project, what I set up here is aWindow project of WPF

2. Then we program on the front and back platforms respectively, write code,Of course, when making charts, we can directly reference controls. What controls are referenced? We need to download its plug-ins on the website.

3. After downloading, we will unzip it and get this file. Which file is it? Let me take a screenshot to show you.

4. Click on yourVs references in projects builtAnd then directly reference the DLL file you want to reference. In this way, you can directly use the methods and functions in this plug-in.

5. After quoting, we should remember toThe header of XAML file refers to this chart libraryThat is to say, how can we find this chart.

6. Then we can quote this directlyChart library to establish some attributes required by chartOf course, if nothing important is closed, it can be directly completed in the foreground code,It mainly includes chart horizontal and vertical coordinate set, title, and data set.

7. The background basically doesn’t need to be moved, because we don’t need the background for the time being, just for demonstration. Later, if you want to strengthen this function, you still need to bind data in the background and so on.

8. Then we can execute the code. After running, there is a c/s interface. In this interface, we can see the rudiment of a chart structure. Of course, this graphic style can be selected by ourselves. You can try to explore the interval and title by yourself.

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