How does visual studio code switch case? A tutorial of vscode code switching case


How to use the shortcut key to switch the case of the code entered by visual studio code? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Software name:
Visual studio code 1.18.0 32-bit official Chinese free green
Software size:

1. Open the shortcut key modification interface first, and clickFiles – preferences-Keyboard shortcutsinside

2. Search on this page“Convert to uppercase“,

3. Double click the line or click the plus sign on the left toEnter the shortcut key.After entry, press enter to save

4. For example, the shortcut key I entered to convert to uppercase isctrl+alt+x

5. The shortcut key I entered to convert to uppercase isctrl+alt+y

6. After entering, you can search this shortcut key to see if other functions are occupied to avoid conflicts. For example, search.“ctrl+alt+x”,Only this function is in use, indicating that there is no conflict

7. When editing the code, select a part of the text, and thenPress the case shortcut key.Can be converted to upper or lower case as a whole.

The above is the tutorial of vscode code case switching. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developepaer.

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