How does VB6.0 call out the closed tool window?


There are many windows in vb6.0. How to open the window which is closed carelessly if it wants to open again? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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VB 6.0 Chinese Enterprise Edition Free Download (206M)
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1. Accidentally click on the default interfaceclose button(Small fork), close all tools.Engineering, Properties, Page Layout WindowAs follows

2. Transfer outTool WindowClick on the view in the menu bar and select the one shown in the figureHold-allClick Finish

3. Transfer outObject window(Form form you see by default), click on the menu barviewSelect the one shown in the figureObject windowClick to finish, or press the shortcut directlyShift+F7

4. Transfer outEngineering Resource Manager WindowClick on the view in the menu and select the one shown in the figureEngineering Resource Manager,You can also press the shortcut key directly.Ctr+R

5. Transfer outPhase windowForm layout window, the same in the view of the corresponding menu can be selected.

The above is the VB6.0 window opening tutorial, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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