How does UltraEdit prohibit dragging content? UltraEdit setting disables drag and drop techniques


How can UltraEdit disable drag and drop? When using an UltraEdit, sometimes you need to disable drag and drop. How do you set it? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Software name:
UltraEdit (code editor) v28.10.0.26 64 bit Chinese green activated version
Software size:
Update time:
2021-05-14Download now

First, open an UltraEdit interface

Click in the UltraEdit menuAdvanced menu

After clicking the Advanced menu, a drop-down menu will pop up and selectto configure

After entering the configuration interface, clickClick other options on the left

Into other interfaces,Check the disable drag and drop option

After checking the disable drag and drop option, click OK

The above is the technique of disabling drag and drop in UltraEdit settings. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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