How does UltraEdit find multiple file contents? How does UltraEdit search multiple file contents


How does UltraEdit find multiple file contents?I believe that many friends will use UltraEdit in their work, so do you know how to search multiple file contents in UltraEdit? Today’s editor brings you detailed operation methods for searching multiple file contents in UltraEdit. Interested friends, let’s get to know


Software name:
UltraEdit v26.20.0.42 official English installation
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How to search multiple file contents with UltraEdit

We need to open the UltraEdit software first

Then we click menu search – > find in file to open the find in file window

Then in the search window, enter the text to be searched. Here, you can enter either ordinary text or UltraEdit regular expression. You can click the arrow button on the upper right side. For example, here, I search the content starting with “you” and enter “^ pyou”

Enter the type of file you want to search in the “infiles / types” column. For example, if I enter *. TXT here, it means that only files ending in txt will be searched

Then in the directory column, enter the file directory to search. For example, the directory I want to search is f: \ test\

Other option settings, such as matching mode, search scope and advanced option settings, where I select regular expression: UltraEdit, and select search subdirectory to indicate that I match with UltraEdit regular expression, and search for files in the subdirectory

Then we click search, and UltraEdit will search according to the set search range and search expression. The final search result will be displayed in the input window, and the area matching file will be highlighted in yellow.

Finally, we double-click the file under the search results to open the file containing the content of the search results.

The above is the detailed operation method for UltraEdit to search multiple files. I hope it can help you. Developepaer will continue to publish more information. Welcome to pay attention.