How does UltraEdit display the row count change indicator on the left?


How does UltraEdit set the display line number change indicator? In the process of editing the code using UltraEdit, we need to use the change indicator in the process of editing the current code. We don’t know whether there is a change in the number of lines, so we need to use the change indicator. Today, let’s take a look at the skills of UltraEdit to set the display of the number of lines change indicator.

Software name:
UltraEdit (code editor) V28 10.0. 26 64 bit Chinese green activated version
Software size:
Update time:
2021-05-14Download now

For the current UltraEdit, you need to open the installed UltraEdit software first.

After entering the current code editor, there can be no indicator to display the number of lines

You can click in the menu of UltraEdit“view”Menu for.

After clicking on the View menu, the drop-down menu pops up and is selected as“Line number change indicator”Options for.

You can see that the indicator of the change in the number of rows is displayed at the current position on the left.

Or press the shortcut button menu in the UltraEdit interface.

The above is the UltraEdit setting to display the line number change indicator. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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