How does UltraEdit customize browser mode browsing?


When changing the code in UltraEdit, you need to preview it to see the effect or if there is any problem. You need to use browser mode. How to switch to browser mode? Please see the details below.

Software name:
UltraEdit text editor v25.20.0.88 Chinese official installation 64 bit
Software size:

First of all, what we need is to switch the editor to browser mode and open the software.

Method 1:Click directly on the“Browser mode browsing

Method two:

1. After entering the interface of UltraEdit software, you can see that it is displayed as editor mode, not browser mode.

2. To switch the browser mode, click“View “Menu.

3. ClickMenu of viewsAfter that, the drop-down menu pops up, where you can select as“Switch browser view”Options for.

4. In this way, the currentThe mode switch of the browser is successful,In this way, the mode display cannot be edited.

The above is a tutorial of UltraEdit switching browser mode. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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