How does the Visual Studio database connect to the website?


Visual Studio Ivory configuration website database connection, how to configure it? Now let’s look at how to connect a database to a website.

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Visual Studio 2017 official version (with offline installation package) official website simplified Chinese version
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1. Open an existing website with Visual Studio and click the Solution Resource Manager option on the right.

2, choiceWeb.configFile, open its edit window.

3. In the left code window, findSystem. web tagAs shown in the figure below.

4. First, enterConnection Strings tagEnter the code to configure the database connection.

5. Next, enter the specific code to configure the database connection.

6. sever in the code, which represents the name of the connected server. In this case, the server address is192.168.2.3。

7. The uid in the configuration code represents the name of the connected SQL Server database. This example is sa.

8、PWD in input codeExpress the password of the connected SQL Server database and enter the password of your own SQL Server software.

9. Finally, usedatabaseSet the database name of the website. The database of this example is TwoFish.

The above is the method of database connection of Visual Studio configuration website. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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