How does the MacOS Big Sur system open hipdi? Skills of customizing hipdi for MacOS


There are several ways to open hipdi, but we often open it through GitHub or domestic sources. However, at present, domestic sources cannot achieve perfect results in the latest Big Sur, and the remote link of GitHub source cannot be opened (403 error). The best and easiest way to download is to install it through offline package. We provide hipd offline package download. Please see the following introduction for details.

First, we download the hipd offline package online【Ione-key-hidpi-master】(Baidu can find it at once). Below, we directly provide download methods, and friends in need can download and use them.

Baidu online disk link:

Extraction code: es78

After you click an empty space on the desktop, click on the menu bar【go to】, select from the drop-down menu【Utilities】。

Found in the visit interface【terminal】And double-click to open it.

Enter first【sh 】(SH), find [hipdi. Sh] in the offline package just downloaded, drag it to [terminal], and finally press [Enter].

Enter the computer password (the entered password is not displayed) and press【enter

Select the opening scheme (according to your own requirements), and press after entering the numbers【enter】。

Enter the corresponding number according to your own device type.

Select the resolution (generally select the highest resolution supported by the display), and press after input【enter

If the operation is successful, you will be prompted to restart the computer. Restart the computer manually at this time.

After hipdi is enabled, the computer logo will become larger during the first phase of startup and will not appear next time.

Press【Apple】Icon, select【System Preferences

Found in the settings window【monitor】And click it

Select【zoom】After that, you can see several resolution settings (hipdi is turned on successfully!)

You can use it with resolution change software, such as quickres and other programs.

The above is how to open hipdi in MacOS Big Sur system. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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