How does the MAC use the built-in Keychain to access and set strong passwords


In order to ensure the security of the computer, it is believed that each Mac user has set a password for his computer. However, general passwords are relatively easy to crack. Therefore, today I will introduce a method to set strong passwords using the built-in “Keychain access” in Mac OS X.


Specific operation steps:

1. In application – utility, open “key chain access”, select “file – new password item” on menubar, and click the “question mark” button in the lower right corner of the bottom to pop up the “password assistant” window

2. In the “password assistant”, you can generate passwords of various types and quality. In the type, you can select six password composition modes: “manual”, “easy to remember”, “letters and numbers”, “numbers only”, “random” and “fips-181 compliant”, and then define the password length, which ranges from 8 to 30 bits. Of course, the higher the number, the higher the password quality (strength), You can get your strong password in the suggestion.

If you set a login password and feel that your computer is unsafe, use this method to set a strong password for your computer.