How does the MAC system check whether it is infected with iworm virus?


Recently, a MAC system virus called “iworm” has spread wantonly. This virus can directly execute commands on MAC computers and steal user data. According to statistics, 18500 Macs around the world have been infected with this malware.

  How to check whether you are infected with iworm virus:

In the finder, press the shortcut key command + Shift + G, then copy the following path, and press enter.

  /Library/Application Support/JavaW/

If the folder cannot be queried, it indicates that it is not infected with iworm virus. Otherwise, you need to find an anti-virus software to kill it.

  How to prevent iworm virus:

The simplest is to create a “javaw” file and set it to “000” permission. The specific method is as follows:

  Open “terminal”

Enter the command CD / library / “application support” and press enter to enter the application support folder

Enter the command sudo MKDIR javaw to create a javaw folder. At this time, the system will ask you to enter the system login password

After the setup is complete, execute the command sudo Chmod 000 javaw, and you may be asked to enter the password again

  Exit terminal

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