How does the MAC modify the QQ message ringtone? The default sound is very harsh


The default ringtone of QQ in Mac version sounds very harsh, and everyone’s is the same, so that users can’t tell whether their QQ is ringing, so how to replace their QQ ringtone? Now let Xiaobian help you solve this problem.


Replace QQ ringtone:

Find the QQ application in the finder, and then select “display package content” in the menu popped up by right clicking the icon. In this way, you can view the files inside the application. Find contents – “resources -” msg.aif “from the directory in turn. This is the sound file corresponding to the ringtone. Change the name of your favorite sound file to” MSG “(the extension must be AIF or AIFF. These are Apple’s special formats) to replace the original file. After replacement, log in to QQ again to be a new ringtone.

(the ringtone name on win can be customized and renamed, but it still becomes the original ringtone after restarting the computer. Please change the name to MSG, not on MAC)


Two new ringtones are added. Ding Dong + message sending sound. (there are win and MAC versions)

(* delete the bracket after the file name)

Change the AIFF method and download the software iaudioconverter from the Mac

Select AIFF in iTunes for the format to be converted.

The above is the method to replace QQ ringtones. Of course, it also provides you with some methods to remove other sounds from Mac, such as《How to remove the screen shot of OS X system and the sound of clearing the wastebasket》Wait.