How does the computer view the process ID of a program?


Generally, a program is forced to end. Just enter the task manager, find the program, right-click and select “end process”. However, some programs may not end. They need to run the command prompt as a manager to end. Or when making some batch programs, you need to know the process ID of a program. How do you get the process ID of a program? Let’s take a look at the detailed graphic tutorial.

View the process ID of a program

Take Baidu cloud housekeeper as an example, run the program, view his process ID, and end the process by command.

First open the task manager, right-click on the taskbar and select in the pop-up menu“Start task management“Device”.

After entering the task manager, in“process”For this item, find the process of Baidu cloud management, as shown in the figure below,But without this process ID, what should I do?

By default, the task manager does not display the process ID. you need to set it to display it. The setting method is“see”Menu, open“Select column”。

Enter the select process page column window. The first item is the process ID, which will be displayed as PID,That is, process ID. check this item,determine.

Returning to the process window, the PID column will be displayed. The process ID of Baidu cloud housekeeper is 484.

How to close Baidu cloud housekeeper with command

First open the “run” program from the start menu, enter the CMD command, and then confirm.

After entering the command prompt window, enter the command tskill 484 at the flashing cursor, and press enter to close the program Baidu cloud housekeeper.

Another way to view the process ID is to use the command view method. Similarly, open the command prompt, enter the tasklist command at the cursor, and click OK.

The IDs of all currently running programs will be listed, as shown in the following figure. In the PID column, the application is in the “image name” column.

The above is the skill of viewing the process ID of a program on the computer. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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