How does the computer set video as dynamic wallpaper?


Many people should have the idea of setting a video as a computer wallpaper. Generally, we will choose to use some third-party software to achieve this goal, but in fact, win7 system has its own function, but this function is generally hidden. Before using this function, you need to activate it. It should be said that using the system’s own function will be more compatible than the third-party software It’s better and less likely to cause problems, and the memory occupied will be relatively small. However, if you want to use this function, you’d better configure the computer a little better, or it’s easy to create a computer card. Here’s how to activate and use this function.

Software name:
Windows 7 dreamscape activator v1.1 free green Chinese version
Software size:

1. First, we Baidu search and download Windows 7 dreamscene activator 1.1 software and open it, click“ Enable DreamScene”At this time, the program will automatically activate the video wallpaper function of the system. The desktop program may be restarted during the process. Don’t worry, just wait

2. At this time, we click the right-click menu again, and you will find that there are more“Play DreamScene(play fantasy desktop) menu:

3. Then weFind the video in WMV format,If not, please convert the video you want to set as wallpaper into WMV format through software,Because the dreamlike desktop function of win7 system only supports WMV formatOh, right click on the WMV video and select“Set as Desktop Background”At this time, you can set the video as the desktop background:

4. If an error prompt pops up in the lower right corner of the computer, it means that the current setting does not support the dream desktop. We also need to set the visual effect of the computer, right click“My computer“Choose”Attribute,Re select “Advanced system settings:

5. Selection“Advanced “From the menu“Performance “Set the“Visual effect”Adjust to the best appearance and click again“Sure”That’s OK. Now, set up the dream desktop again, and it should be able to play normally:

6. If the font under the desktop icon is blurry when using the dreamlike desktop, right-click the desktop to select“Personalization “,Change wallpaper to original and click again“Save and modify”OK, then the font will display normally:

7. In this way, we can set the video as wallpaper and get the effect of dynamic wallpaper. If we don’t want to use it, we can right-click“suspend”, you can also directly set the original static wallpaper ha.