How does the Apple Watch watch unlock the Mac?


For small partners who use computers, for the sake of data security on the computer, they will set a login password. In 2016, Apple will bring us the latest Mac OS 10.12 system, which adds a feature that can be unlocked using Apple Watch Apple watches. Here’s a brief introduction to how to set it up on Apple Mac and how to unlock it automatically by using mobile phones.

1. First of all, of course, we need to update the Mac computer to Mac OS 10.12. Here’s an example of the latest beta version of Mac OS, as shown in the figure below.

2. In MacOS version 10.12, please enter “System Preference SettingsIn the following figure

3. In the system preference settings, please click “Security and Privacy“Function icon, as shown in the following figure

4. Security and PrivacycurrencyUnder the column, you can see the following words: ____________Allow Apple Watch to unlock MacsClick on the check box to activate the function.

5. Next, you need to enter the password of the user who is currently logged in to Mac, as shown in the figure below.

6. Next you need to enter the currentApple ID account password,As shown in the following figure

7. If the Apple ID account currently logged in in iCloud on Mac has opened double authentication, then this function needs to be turned off first.To close double validation of Apple IDYou can go to the Apple account page for closing operation.

8. Next, we need to recreate the current one.Apple ID Account Setting Double PasswordAs shown in the following figure

9. After all the operations are completed, you can see that the Apple Watch unlock on the Mac has been opened. Next time the Mac enters the lock screen, when we light the screen, we will automatically recognize the watch we wear on our wrist and unlock it automatically.

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