How does scratch make numbers? Skills of scratch4 by 4 display


When we make some small programs, we will encounter the need to display them as nine palaces, or more modes. How to use scratch to realize digital continuous viewing effect? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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Scratch3.0 offline version (children’s programming software) offline editor v3.6.0 Chinese free installation version
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2020-02-21Download now

First, we need to create a role. At this time, we can chooseCustomize a role, if you draw one yourself, it’s easier to get the desired effect.

Draw a picture on the canvasRectangular box, fill our rectangle with a color you like so that you can see its outline when the number is displayed.

In the rectangle, we add aText box, change the color size of the number so that it is centered in the rectangular box, and then double-click the number to change its content.

After completing a shape, copy the shape, change the digital display, and copy all the shapes we need。 Then we set up a program for him to clone himself.

When cloning yourself, change the displayed position. For the first four, change the X coordinate and increase it evenly, and then return the X coordinate to the origin and change the Y coordinate. Cycle again.

By changing the number of repetitions, we can get different matrices. We can make them of any size we want,You can then set variables, let him change the internal parameters to display different shapes.

The above is the technique of making digital liankan by scratch and displaying the number 4 by 4. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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