How does scratch make a beautiful heart-shaped background? Adding method of scratch heart-shaped background


Scratch comes with different background images. How to create a pink heart-shaped background? Let’s take a look at the detailed production method.

Software name:
Scratch3.0 offline version (children’s programming software) offline editor v3.6.0 Chinese free installation version
Software size:
Update time:
2020-02-21Download now

Open scratch software and enter its main interface;

Click to select the in the lower left cornerstage

Check select from background librarybackground

Enter scratchBackground libraryMedium;

Click other categories,Find the heart shape you need;

Select the heart shape and press OK;

We created one in scratchCardioid background

The above is how to add scratch heart background. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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