How does scratch draw a double loop diagram? Scratch drawing double loop diagram tutorial


The instruction block in scratch is equivalent to a piece of code, which is easier for children to learn. Today’s tutorial will give you how to draw a double ring diagram with scratch. Let’s learn together.

Software name:
Scratch 2 (graphical programming tool) v2.0 official free green version
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Update time:
2016-01-15Download now

Introduction to programming steps of scratch two ring diagram

1. After opening the interface, click the event panel in the upper right corner and add the command when the green flag is clicked

2. Then click the brush option to add the instructions of clearing, dropping and setting the brush color to purple

3. Then click the motion panel to add the command of moving 1 step and turning left 1 degree

4. Click the control panel again to add the command to repeat 360 times

5. Finally, add the commands of repeated execution for 2 times, lifting the pen, moving 30 steps and dropping the pen to the programming content

6. After editing, click the green flag to execute the program to complete the drawing of the second ring diagram