How does scratch 3.0 use clone command to control the number of rotated petals?


In scratch 3.0, in order to increase the good human-computer interaction function, we can ask the user to input the number of petals to be drawn by asking and answering commands, and then let the computer draw flowers with corresponding petal numbers by programming. How can we use the command of cloning ourselves? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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Scratch 3.0 offline Edition (children programming software) offline editor v3.6.0 Chinese free installation version
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1. Open scratch 3.0 to enter its main interface;

2. Click the fork in the upper right corner of the kitten to delete it;

3. Click draw to draw an ellipse;

4. Click event to addWhen the green flag is click command;

5. Add motion, addRotation command

6. AddClone yourselfAdd and repeat the color effect 10 timesNow we need to determine the number of petals. How to let the user input a value, and then the computer starts to draw the flowers with the corresponding petal number?

7. Click Detect,Select ask and wait for command

8. Use the mouse to pull it to the bottom when the green flag is clicked, and set the inquiry content, such as: Master, how many flowers do you want me to draw?

9. Set the number of repetitions as the answer,And set the rotation angle to 360 / answer;

10. Click the green flag to execute the program. If the user inputs 5, the computer will draw five petals;

11. If the user input value is 10, the computer will draw ten petal flower, very convenient.


1. Open scratch 3.0, delete the kitten and draw an ellipse;

2. Add script to the ellipse, and determine the number of petals the user needs to input with the command of inquiry and answer;

3. Click the green flag to execute the program.

The above is scratch 3.0 using the clone command to control the number of petals rotated tutorial, I hope you like, please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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