How does scratch 2.0 create a prince and Princess scene in a castle?


In scratch 2.0, we can create different scenes by using the character library and background library provided by the software. If we want to create a fairy tale scene, how can we create a picture of Prince and Princess meeting in the castle? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Software name:
Scratch 2 (graphical programming tool) v2.0 official free green version
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Update time:
2016-01-15Download now

1. Open scratch 2.0 software and enter its main interface;

2. Because you don’t need kittens in the scene,So delete the default character kitten first;

3. Click to select the role from the role library;

4. OpenroleKuo, find and in fantasyClick princePress OK;

5. Insert a prince character;

6. In the same way, clickChoose the princessPress OK;

7. Create a princess character and click from the background libraryChoose the background;

8. In the castle category, click to select the desired Castle image and press OK;

9. We created the prince and Princess scene in the castle in scratch 2.0.


1. Open scratch 2.0 to delete the kitten;

2. Select the princess from the character library and click on it;

3. Click to select background from background library to add Castle background.

The above is scratch 2.0 to create a castle in the prince and Princess scene tutorial, I hope you like, please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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