How does pycharm set the background color of dark windows? Setting method of pycharm background color


Pycharm is a python IDE, which can improve the development efficiency of users when using Python language,Its default window color is white, but sometimes we want the window to be darker,This will help us study at night. So how to modify the background color of pycharm window? Let’s take a look at pycharm’s tutorial on setting the background color of the window.

First, open pycharm software. We can see that the default window color is white.

Click the top left corner of the menu bar【File】, select【Settings】。

Shortcut keys:【ctrl+Alt+s】。

Click in the pop-up settings window【Editor】, select【color Scheme】。

Note: there are six default schemes.

We can choose one of the six styles, here【monokai】For example, click【apply】。

Click in the pop-up confirmation window【YES】。

As shown in the figure,The color of the window has changed to black.

The above is the setting method of pycharm background color. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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