How does pycharm install third-party libraries? Pychart’s skills in installing Python Library


When using python, we often encounter the third-party library of Python. How do you usually install the library? CMD command, through tools such as pip, or official download?。 However, the installation of these tools on non Linux platforms is too cumbersome. Today, let’s take a look at the skills of installing third-party libraries with pycharm.

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First, open the pycharm tool and select in fileSetting options, as shown in the figure below

In the setting interface that opens, weClick the Python interpreter, you will see many imported third-party libraries, as shown in the figure below. Click the plus sign on the far right

In the pop-up available packages interface, you will see a search box, as shown in the figure below

Then we search for a plug-in, such as my searchThe simplejson plug-in,The interface shown in the following figure will appear

After installation, you willPython’s site package folderSee the installed library below, as shown in the figure below

lastLet’s open the CMD window to verify whether the installed package is validAs shown in the figure below,Prove that the installation is valid

We can see that to install a python third-party library using pycharm, you only need to search the library file in the setting interface.

The above is pychart’s skills for installing Python library. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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