How does pycharm create associated files? Tips for creating Python files with pycharm


When developing a project, python needs to create many related files, such as common Python files. How to create Python project files in the project files? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Method 1:

First, select the open project file in the pycharm software interface.

Then click in the menuOf ‘file’Options menu.

After clicking the file menu, click in the drop-down menu“ne“W” option.

A window will pop up and click““Python file”Options for.

A new Python file window will pop up and enter the file name.

After entering the file name, click““OK” meansYes.

You can see that the current Python file is created successfully.

Method 2:

Open pycharm software and enter the following interface. Click new project to start creating a new Python project

The first box selects the storage path of the project, and the second box selects the python virtual environment. The virtual environment can be selected by default,Finally, click the Create button to create the project

After entering, a simple code for printing hi will be initialized. The top operations are operation and debug. The red dot is the breakpoint flag and the green triangle is the runnable flag

Click the green triangle above to run the project,The log of hi pycharm will be output below

Click the front of the code to be broken, display the position of the red dot, and then click the symbol next to the green triangle to run when starting,It goes into debug,Here are the common operations of debug

The functions of the following two boxes in the figure are the same, and they are also operations such as running and debugging

matters needing attention:

The project address should specify the path of an empty folder. The name of the empty file is the project name

The above is the skills of pycharm to create Python files. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.