How does Notepad + + insert the current time?


Xiaobian likes to take notes with Notepad + + in Windows system. Sometimes he needs to record the change log and insert the time. How to achieve it?

Software name:
Text code editor (Notepad + +) v7 8.9 multilingual official Chinese installation version
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Update time:
2020-07-17Download now
Software name:
Notepad + + textfx plug-in v3 2.1 official free version (with installation instructions)
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2016-08-11Download now

1. First, run Notepad + + and select from the menu bar【plug-in unit】;

2. Then select【Plugin Manager】–>【Show Plugin Manager】;

3. On【Plugin Manager】Dialog box, click in the menu bar【Available】, drag the slider to find【TextFX Characters】, and then click【Install】Push button;

4. Then click【yes】, installation;

5. After installation, you need to restart Notepad + +, select【yes】;

6. For the first time, the installation may not succeed. If it is not in the menu bar after restart【TextFX】, you only need to reinstall it once according to the above process; After the installation is successful, the menu bar will appear【TextFX】Options;

7. Next, set the shortcut key for the insertion time operation; Click in the menu bar【set up】, select【Manage shortcuts】;

8. In open【Shortcut mapper】Dialog box, click in the menu bar【Plugin commands】, drag the slider to find【I:Date&Time-short format】Or【I:Date&Time-long format】, double-click this option to set shortcut keys;

9. You can set it according to your habits; After setting, click【OK】Button to save;

10. Last click【Close】Button to close the shortcut key management dialog box;

11. In this way, the whole process is completed; stayNotepad + +Edit interface, press the shortcut key just set to insert the current time;

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