How does Notepad + + generate MD5 data? How does Notepad generate MD5 value of text


MD5 as a way to protect data, we can use Notepad + + to generate MD5 data. Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Software name:
Text (code) editor (Notepad + +) 64 bit v7.8.9 multilingual Chinese installation version
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2020-07-17Download now

1. First, open Notepad + +, the version of Notepad + + v7.5.1 (32. Bit) used here, and clicktool, as shown in the figure

2. The MD5 generation of text is introduced first. First, copy the text to be generated, as shown in the figure

3. Then, as shown in the figure, click““Generate”The dialog box as shown in the figure will pop up

4. Then, paste the data Ctrl + V into the white blank area, as shown in the figure, and the software will doAutomatic generation of MD5 value, and then click“Copy to clipboard”And you can copy it.

5. As shown in the figure, you can also“Generate by lineCheck the box,The MD5 of each row can be generated.

6. Finally, you can choose directly“Generate from file””, as shown in the figure, select in turn“Generate from file – select File – Open”And finally“Copy to clipboard”That is, the MD5 value of the file is generated.

The above is about the method of Notepad + + generating MD5 value, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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