How does NFT play? Why does cross attract much attention? (bottom)


How does NFT play? Why does cross attract much attention? (bottom)
How does NFT play? Why does cross attract much attention? (bottom)

The last article “how to play NFT? Why cross has attracted much attention? (Part 1) introduced NFT in detail. This article will take cross as the protagonist and discuss NFT with you again.

I believe that users who have been paying attention to cybervein have a simple or in-depth understanding of cross, which will not be repeated here. New and old users can click the following link to understand and review Cross:

  • The blockbuster fire coin ecological chain heco went online today, and cross was the first to settle down as a decentralized insurance NFT issuance and auction platform
  • Cross detailed information disclosure: Introduction Guide to fire coin heco’s first defi + NFT platform
  • Defi + NFT New Year’s play: cross officially launched, heco for global public beta
  • Cross launched “be creamive” and “bug Hunter” activities and distributed 20000 USD gifts

As a decentralized NFT issuance and trading platform, cross has been operating on the fire coin ecological chain heco. At the same time, it will log in to more mainstream public chains one after another to bring more users a diversified operation experience. For specific operation, you can jump to the complete introduction to cross user manual release and auction NFT

How to understand cross + NFT?

How does NFT play? Why does cross attract much attention? (bottom)

Cross is a tool for processing big data in cybervein smart city ecosystem, and NFT is its technology and transaction solution. The data operated in the cybervein ecosystem will be traded in two forms. For the transaction of traditional data, it can be completed directly on Dave. If you want to further trade the data converted into financial assets, such as NFT, it needs to be completed through auction on the financial derivatives trading platform cross.

Cross’s goal is to realize the forward value of data transactions. Cybervein combines defi + NFT, integrates AI, cefi and other original technologies and concepts, and launches a super ecology integrating “cefi + defi + NFT + AI”.

Although defi and NFT were proposed two or three years ago, they gradually came into public view in the summer of 2020. The consensus that “defi + NFT will become the future trend” has also been gathering. More and more people believe that this can be expected and laid out in advance.

The investment opportunity of NFT in the industry is that with the inevitable transfer of intellectual property rights to the blockchain in the form of NFT, NFT will fully release its non homogenous potential value in the fields of original works or collections, works of art and so on. The whole defi + NFT ecosystem of cross operates around “big data”. Cross can help them realize value support and business promotion according to the data value generated by its financial derivatives. In short, it can realize the value of digital assets on cross and realize realization.

Why is the cross version of NFT expected?

How does NFT play? Why does cross attract much attention? (bottom)

Here, we still need to understand and think about what problems can NFT solve in real society? Cybervein actually threw out the problem at the beginning of the project in 2017, and began to develop technical solutions to solve the problems we face – that is, we have a lot of digital assets, but we never really have them; That is, we should use digital assets for our own use and realize the realization of data value.

Back in the real world, there are two difficulties with assets:

  • Whether tangible assets such as real estate and gold can be certified, there are obstacles to liquidity and liquidity, and the entry threshold is also high;
  • Intangible assets such as equity and IP are difficult to be reasonably priced, and the conditions for transaction conclusion are also very difficult.

When these tangible and intangible assets are bound with NFT, the types and space of assets owned by the public can grow exponentially. At the same time, the liquidity threshold of assets will be further reduced, and the circulation will become simpler, more efficient and transparent, which makes NFT fully release its potential value of non homogeneity. NFT non homogeneity makes its unique ID value attribute, So that each asset can express its unique and complete value existence.

This represents a future of digital value. With the support of trust on distributed networks and blockchains, NFT can flow more smoothly without huge trust costs. This is also the core of supporting the value of NFT as a “digital asset”.

Cybervein uses NFT as a new and huge financial asset category to transfer the ownership of digital assets to the blockchain through NFT, Then let’s talk about these trillions of units of digital content (such as big data, information materials, etc.) are transferred from the blockchain to the secondary market, and then release huge liquidity value. Imagine this future scenario: when all kinds of digital assets will be placed on cross in the form of NFT, it will bring amazing big data diversity products and big data financial derivatives to traders and investors, so that my data can really be used only by me.

Welcome to cross + NFT world

How does NFT play? Why does cross attract much attention? (bottom)

For the value of NFT, there has long been an exaggerated assumption in the circle: if you buy the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, you can enjoy it every day; If you go into the Louvre and take a picture of the Mona Lisa, you can really enjoy it every day – although both methods can make you experience the Mona Lisa’s smile, what’s the difference?

Perhaps the difference is that people who own Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece Mona Lisa can get up to $10.2 million a year. This is the difference between owning NFT – NFT can trade and collect physical assets and digital assets, and you can control them. Here, control means that you can sell, rent and share them.

What is it like in the cross world? If you use NFT to capture a piece of big data in cross and own the ownership of the digital asset, you can rent and sell the big data to obtain corresponding income.

Compared with the traditional data processing and circulation mode, the advantage of cross lies not only in lower cost and higher security, but also in the realization of multi-dimensional value of data. The transaction of metadata of traditional data can only trade the basic value of data, but not the long-term value and expected value of data. Cross emphasizes the application potential of data assets as financial derivatives in the future.

In the case of data financial derivatives, cybervein relied on an insurance third party as a sales intermediary to help AIA in Hong Kong obtain a large number of compliance and legal data sources by using Dave, launch a more reasonable insurance model by using distributed computing platform and AI federal learning technology, import cross platform in the form of NFT, and launch cat catastrophe insurance bond NFT, Formed the first NFT insurance policy in the industry. NFT insurance policy is only a form of data assets, and more derivatives can be traded in cross in the future.

How does NFT play? Why does cross attract much attention? (bottom)

If you want to fully open and usher in blockchain 3.0 and become the next leader in the blockchain world, you must open the application market and demand market. On the basis of smart city and big data, cybervein uses cross to realize the realization of data value and enrich the digital economy, which can not only impact the digital economy market, but also closely related to the public – which is also an important reason why cross has attracted much attention.

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