How does MyEclipse import projects? MyEclipse imports project graphics tutorials


How to import projects using MyEclipse? MyEclipse is a software development software that is often used by people working in the software industry. When we use this software, we often need to import projects, such as projects from one computer to another. So, how can MyEclipse import projects? Next, I will share with you my eclipse import project method tutorial, very simple!

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How does MyEclipse import projects?

1. Open MyEclipse

2. Prepare imported projects locally on the computer

3. Right-click in the left margin of the open MyEclipse to find the Import option

4. In the pop-up secondary form, select Existing Projects into Workespace

5. Click next

6. Continue to select Browse in the pop-up form and select the projects that have been prepared

7. When the selection is complete, click Finish

8. On the left, we can see the imported project

At the end of the course, that’s all about how MyEclipse imports the project. Isn’t it easy for MyEclipse to import the whole content of the project graphics tutorial?

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