How does MyEclipse customize Python functions?


How to define the functions you need in MyEclipse? Let’s take a look at the tutorial of MyEclipse custom Python functions.

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1. First, create one in MyEclipsePython project, and then createPython module

2. Then write your own defined functions in the created module.

Rules for defining functions:

*Function code blockDef keywordStart with the function name followed by parentheses, which should be followed by a colon.

*Any passed in parameters and arguments must be placed between parentheses,Parentheses can be used to define parameters.

*The first line of the function can optionally use a document string (comment)——Used to store function descriptions.

*The function content needs to be indented to make the code look clearer.

* Return [expression] end function, optionally return a value to the caller.A return without an expression is equivalent to returning none

3. Such a simple custom function is completed. Is it very simple? Try it, too.

The above is the tutorial of customizing Python functions in MyEclipse. Friends who like it can learn it.

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