How does MacOS Big Sur work? 50 tips for getting started


MacOS Big Sur is the latest operating system of MAC. It brings many new functions to your computer, including a completely redesigned user interface, which draws on the familiar functions on iPhone and iPad. In order to get started quickly, MacOS Big Sur has brought you 50 quick start tips, all of which are commonly used small operations. You can refer to them if you like.

1. Accessibility of installation assistant

When you first set up MacOS, there is a new step in the setup wizard that gives you the opportunity to configure various accessibility features before logging in.

In earlier versions of MacOS, the only accessibility option you could enable in the setup wizard was voiceover, so this should be a welcome addition for users who found accessibility useful.

2. “Playing” media menu bar item

A new menu bar item is now available for the currently playing media. It is similar to a widget that you can add to the notification center.

To enable the “playing” menu bar item, go to system preferences – > Dock & menu bar, click “playing” in the side bar, and then select the box next to “show in menu bar”.

3. Play sound on startup options

Now, you can choose whether the MAC plays the traditional startup ringtone without messing with the terminal command. Go to system preferences – > sound and check the box next to play sound at startup.

4. Label search field

In Safari, you can search for all open tags using the new search tags input field in the upper right corner of the tag overview screen.

This feature is actually already available in the tab overview screen in earlier versions of safari, but the search field appears only after you start typing, so many users may not even realize it. This high visibility should make more users aware of this function.

5. Safari start page customization

Safari in Mac OS 11 has a customizable “start page” that allows you to personalize all aspects of it.

With the “start page” open, click the “Settings” icon in the lower right corner of the window, and you will see the settings used to control favorites, common access, privacy report, Siri suggestions, reading list, icloud tab and background picture. You can even select wallpaper for the background, or use the big + button to select your own image.

6. Control the wallpaper tone in the window

In macosbigsur, by default, even if there is something between the desktop and wallpaper, the window will be colored according to the color of the desktop wallpaper.

If you are not satisfied, you can go to system preferences – > general, and then uncheck the box next to “allow wallpaper shading in Windows” to disable the shading of windows.

7. Safari tag Website Preview

The function of tab preview has also come. When the cursor hovers over the tab of a non current web page, the preview of the corresponding website will pop up.

8. Battery health management

Support the “optimize battery charging” function. The system will actively learn your daily charging time and suspend the charging time to reduce battery loss.

It was not clear whether to limit the battery charging time of the MAC battery or when to limit the battery charging time, but in bigsur, you can find this information in the battery menu bar item, and you can even use “charge now to all” to force the full charging option when necessary.

9. Safari privacy Report

Safari now has an integrated “privacy report”, which provides a list of trackers on the website and the number of blocked trackers, thus preventing the website from tracking your browsing habits on the network.

From the privacy report toolbar option, you can see how many trackers have been blocked in the last 30 days. You can also view a summary of how many trackers are blocked from performance analysis on the start page.

10. Cycling route in Apple maps

In “map”, you can plan the route with cycling route on MAC and send it to iPhone or iPad, taking into account the route of altitude, busy roads, stairs, etc. in addition, there are some options for planning the route, including electric vehicle charging station.

11. Keyboard shortcuts in reminders