How does MAC use disk tools to encrypt existing folders


Users all know that there are many file encryption methods for Mac. Today, Xiaobian introduces the method of encrypting existing folders using disk tools, hoping to be helpful to users.

Specific operation steps:

1. Use spotlight to locate the disk tool and open it

2. In the [file] drop-down menu in the upper left corner – New – disk image of the folder


3. Select the folder you want to encrypt

4. It is recommended to select the encryption method according to the following figure


5. Set the password, remember to remove the check mark of the password in the key chain below


In this way, the encrypted image of the folder is created, and the process is very simple. If you edit the contents of the folder, then push out the disk image to complete the saving and encryption. You still need a password to open the DMG file next time

This is the way to use disk tools to encrypt existing folders. It’s a very simple operation, so it’s very suitable for users who don’t like trouble.