How does MAC turn off finder file preview to speed up operation


The MAC used by some users is relatively old. The biggest disadvantage of this MAC is that there is insufficient running memory, so the response is quite slow. How can the old MAC run faster? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to a simple method.

The method is as follows:

Open a new window in finder and switch to icon view (press CMD + 1). Then press CMD + J to open the “display options” panel (or right-click in the blank and select “view display options”), as shown in the above figure. Just don’t have √ in the box in front of “display icon preview”. In addition, you can make this setting the default option by clicking the “use as default” button below. The display in your system may be different from the above figure, but as long as you find the same option and leave it unchecked.


The above is the way Xiaobian brings you to improve the running speed of the old Mac. If you want to know more MAC skills, go and have a look.