How does Mac OS X optimize Diablo 3


Diablo 3 is a large-scale online game popular with many players. Most Mac users can play Diablo 3 smoothly, but some old users can’t run smoothly. In order to solve this problem, today I will introduce some optimization methods of Diablo 3.

 Mac OS X如何对《暗黑破坏神3》进行优化

The first thing to be clear is that players can press in the gameControl+RTo display the game frame rate (FPS). For Diablo 3, it can guarantee the average frame rate above 30fps, and can guarantee the basic fluency.

   Here are some basic settings that can improve FPS:

  Turn off anti aliasing:Turning off anti aliasing in the game can increase 3 to 8fps.

  Turn off shadows:Turning off shadows will lose some of the details of the game, but in a fierce battle few people will probably pay attention to that much.

  Set the maximum refresh rate to 40:This can help stabilize the game screen and frame rate.

  Turn off the second display:If you use the second monitor, please turn it off during the game. This will greatly reduce the burden of GPU.

In addition to the above, the player can also increase FPS by reducing the screen setting and resolution. If the effect is not satisfactory to the player, please see the next advanced settings.

“Diablo 3” game uses trilinear filtering, but we can not directly set it in the game. To close it, we need the following steps:

1. Exit the game to OS X desktop, pressCommand+Shift+G, enter ~ / library / Application Support / Blizard / Diablo III /;

2. Find“D3Prefs.txt”File and open it through Notepad;

3. PressCommand+F, search“DisableTrilinearFiltering”, and change the following value from “0” to “1”.

 Mac OS X如何对《暗黑破坏神3》进行优化

4. Save and exit.

After completing the above steps, the game should be improved by 10-25 FPS, and the game screen will not drop to an intolerable level.

The above is the optimization method of Diablo 3 in MAC system. Users who need or are interested in it can optimize it on their own computers.