How does MAC detect retina screen residual image by itself


Recently, some Mac users found the problem of residual image of MAC retina screen, which affects our use, so how to fix this problem? Today Xiaobian has brought you some simple self-test methods.


Self test method:

1. Turn off the screen saver and save power, and keep the screen normally open;

2. Change the screen desktop background to a solid gray or dark gray background;

3. Open Google’s home page (other web pages with high contrast design can also be used), and leave it for 30 minutes without operation

4.30 minutes later, directly hide the page with COM + H and display the desktop

5. Check whether the Google logo has left a residual image on the gray background desktop

These remnants usually disappear after 10 to 15 minutes, and some need to wait for a night or more. However, for how to fix this problem, Apple has not given a specific method yet, and users still need to wait or explore by themselves.