How does Linux install the Quick Thunder Edition?


There are few useful download tools for Linux. This article will help you install Thunderbolt downloads on Linux such as Ubuntu and Fedora.

Software Name:
Xunlei Membership Respect Version V2.0.11.234 Simplified Chinese Green Free Version
Software size:
Update time:
Software Name:
Crossover for Mac V13.0.1 Special Edition Apple Computer Edition
Software size:
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1. Download and install CrossOver.

2. Run firstCrossOverClick“Install Windows Software” Button

3. Ejecting“CrossOver Software Installer” Enter in the search box of“Thunder“Select”“Quick Thunder Edition“Click“Continue”->”Installation”

4. CrossOver will then create a container for Thunderbolt and automatically complete some configuration. When all is done, CrossOver will run automatically.“Quick Thunder Edition” Installation, click“One-click Installation” Start installation

5. Don’t click after installation.“Immediate experienceInstead, close the installer

6. After you quit, wait for CrossOver to complete the installation and click“Close” Complete the installation wizard

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