How does idea change the shortcut key to eclipse style? How does IntelliJ idea set the shortcut key and its style


How to quickly convert idea shortcut to eclipse style? The full name of idea is IntelliJ idea, which is a very excellent development tool, with the name of “the best java development tool”. Next, I will introduce the specific steps of setting shortcut keys in IntelliJ idea and setting shortcut keys in eclipse style to all users of IntelliJ idea. Friends in need can set them up according to the following methods!

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IntelliJ idea 2017 v2017.2.3 32-bit / 64 bit English special edition (with registration code and installation tutorial)
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I believe that eclipse is the first ide that most Java developers come into contact with. The shortcut style of idea is not the same as eclipse, which makes many people not used to it. In fact, idea contains a variety of shortcut styles. After mastering its setting method, you will find it very simple and convenient.

How to set shortcut keys and shortcut key styles in IntelliJ idea:

1. First, open the idea, and then click “file” on the taskbar.

2. Select “Settings” from the drop-down list

3. In the pop-up settings page, select keymap in the left navigation.

4. Select from the keymaps drop-down list on the right“Eclipse”Or any other preset style you’re used to.

After setting, click OK to complete the setting.

5. If you want to modify the shortcut of a function, select a function, such as “delete line”, right-click and select the corresponding shortcut in the mail menu.

The right-click menus are: add keyboard shortcut, add mouse shortcut, add description, delete shortcut.

6. After selecting a shortcut, you can modify it in the pop-up page. Take “add keyboard shortcut” as an example, just enter your shortcut in the first stroke input box. You can even check second stroke to set an alternate shortcut.

7. Set the mouse shortcut, you can manually select a keystroke method. If your mouse has multiple buttons, you can press that button on the click pad and use it to complete some shortcut functions.

At the end of the article, the above is about how to modify the shortcut key of idea to eclipse style? IntelliJ idea sets the shortcut key and shortcut key style. I hope you can get something after reading it! More tips for using IntelliJ idea can be found on the developer website!