How does heidisql connect to SQL Server database and add, delete or modify it?


Heidisql tool is a powerful database connection tool with complete functions and simple operation. With heidisql, it is easy to complete the operations of creating tables, deleting tables and updating tables in SQL Server database. Next, I will bring you the detailed method steps of heidisql connecting to SQL Server database and adding, deleting and modifying operations, including how to connect to SQL Server database through heidisql, how to create a new table, insert data into the table, modify data in the table, delete data in the table, delete tables in the database, etc. the detailed steps are as follows:

Software name:
Heidisql (MySQL graphical interface tool) v11.0.0.6081 32 + 64 installation version
Software size:
Update time:
2020-08-11Download now

Software name:
Heidisql v9.5.0.5196 green version simplifies the graphical interface of MySQL server and database management
Software size:
Update time:
2019-04-03Download now

Heidisql can connect to SQL Server database and add, delete or modify it

1. Open heidisql and enter the session manager

2. Create a new session manager and rename it bdjy; Set the network type Microsoft SQL Server (TCP / IP); Enter the address, user name and password of the available SQL server;

3. If the information is correct, the database name (in the red box) as shown in the figure below can be displayed; Click open to enter the main program

4、Create a new table:Click the drop-down information of the data to be operated, select the table, right-click to create the table “bdjy” under the new table; The code of creating table will be generated automatically

5. After the table is created, the next step is to add fields to the table; Click “add” and a new line will be created below; You can set various fields; Add two fields here: ID and bdjyname; Click “save” to create successfully. You can see the SQL code in the code

6、To insert data into a table:Select data and right-click in the data record area to insert a row; The default value is (null), the insert data is “1”, “I love sharing experience”, so the insert is successful.

7、Modify the data in the table:In the previous step, I inserted a piece of data. I want to change “I love sharing experience” to “I hope my experience can help you”;

Double click the cell to be modified directly to modify the content

8、To delete data from a table:Select the data to be deleted and right-click to delete the selected row; Click and confirm to find that the selected line has been deleted.

9、Delete table in database:Click table right click delete; A confirmation dialog box will pop up. After confirmation, you can delete it;

10. After confirming, open the table in the database and find that there is no table deleted just now

At the end of the tutorial, the above is about heidisql how to connect to SQL Server database and do add, delete and modify the operation steps, I hope to help you! More on the developer website.