How does Fedora 21 upgrade Fedora 22 to experience the latest features


The Fedora 22 version was released in May this year. Many new functions have been added in this update, and the interface is much more beautiful. However, the system version of many users still stays in Fedora 21. How can Fedora 21 be upgraded to Fedora 22?

Update all software packages of Fedora 21 to the latest state first

The first step is to update all software packages of Fedora 21 to the latest state. Use one sudo DNF update command:

  sudo dnf update

In fact, in Fedora 21, you can use DNF for package management, but in Fedora 21, DNF and Yum coexist, while in Fedora 22, yum is completely abandoned. DNF command and Yum command are almost completely compatible, and it is not difficult to switch.

Install fedup package

The tool for this upgrade is fedup. The software package needs to be installed by itself. The command is as follows:

  sudo dnf install fedup

Upgrade system

The third step is to upgrade the system. Use the following command directly:

  sudo fedup –network 22

Solve the problem of errors in the system upgrade process

I thought everything would go well in the upgrade process, but there was an accident in the upgrade process. The error prompt is also very clear. It refers to the parsing error of ASCII characters in Python language. Using this error message to search on the Internet, it is found that this is a problem written in Python script, which can be solved by loading UTF-8 module. It shows that there are still a few defects in the fedup package. I have submitted this bug. But I can’t modify the fedup script myself. How do I solve this problem? Very simple, change the system language into English. After the upgrade is completed, it can be modified into Chinese. In other words, the Chinese system will make mistakes in the process of upgrading, while the English system will not.

Restart the system

Restart the system and select the first item in grub startup interface, as shown in the following figure:

Fedora 21升级Fedora 22的方法

Then wait for the upgrade to complete. This will take some time.

Changes in new systems

The upgrade process is very smooth, and the upgraded system is also very stable. The difference between the upgraded system and the newly installed system is to maintain the user’s configuration as much as possible. For example, my upgraded system doesn’t even change the wallpaper, while the newly installed system has another set of wallpaper. However, compared with Fedora 21, Fedora 22 still has a small change. There is no window theme, and there is no way to set the window theme in Gnome tweak tool. Only GTK + theme can be set. Therefore, I bid farewell to clearlooks and chose the default theme. The default theme of Fedora 22 is really much more beautiful than the previous version.

The above is the method of upgrading Fedora 21 to Fedora 22. If users of Fedora 21 do not prompt automatic update notification, they can manually upgrade to Fedora 22 according to the method in this article.

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