How does edge browser built-in flash set hardware acceleration? The Method of Accelerating GPU by Edge Browser Hardware


GPU hardware acceleration is a necessary function of modern browsers, which can not only make full use of the graphical performance of GPU to accelerate the rendering of image information in Web pages, thus speeding up the opening of web pages, but also reduce the burden of CPU and the occupancy of system resources when browsing web pages. For dual graphics card notebooks (both core graphics/integrated graphics cards and independent graphics cards), the system intelligently switches the GPU used by the hardware acceleration of Edge browser. If we want to achieve consistently high performance or energy saving, then in Win10 system, we can customize the GPU for Edge browser. The methods are as follows:

Operation method

Enter Settings-System-Display and you can see the “Graphics Settings” item in the “Multi-Display Settings” area. As shown in the picture:

Click on the “Graphics Settings” interface to set the “Graphics Performance Preferences”. As shown in the picture:

Select “General Applications”, select “Microsoft Edge” in the list of applications, and click “Add” to add the Edge browser to the list below. Click the “Microsoft edge” item to display the “options” button, and click to open the “graphics specification” setting. As shown in the picture:

There are energy-saving GPU and high-performance GPU, that is, the core graphics card and independent graphics card of your PC configuration. The default choice of “Setting Graphics Preferences” below is “System Default Value”. You can choose “Energy-saving” or “High-performance” according to your needs.

For example, if you care about the computer’s endurance time and do not deal with high-performance tasks, you can choose “energy saving” to extend the computer life time. Conversely, if you’ve been plugging in and using your laptop, focusing on the speed at which the Edge browser opens the page, regardless of the duration, you can choose “high performance”.

This is the way that Xiaobian brings Edge browser hardware to accelerate GPU. We hope it can help you. Our partners can come to developpaer website when they are free. There are many other materials on our website waiting for our partners to dig!

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