How does deepinv20 Linux modify file suffixes? Skills of modifying file suffix in Linux system


Today, I need to rename the file of deepin V20 Linux system, but I found that the suffix name of the file is missing when I rename the file with the right mouse button. In fact, this is because the default suffix name of deepin cannot be edited and the configuration needs to be modified. Let’s take a look at the detailed setting method below.

First, we go to the desktop of deep Linux and open the folder window where our files are located, such as the Hello text file here.

Select in the upper right corner of the folder windowmenu, in the list of menus, we find the settingsSetOptions.

In the pop-up window, we select the one on the left in basic settingsNew windows and new labels

On the right, we swipe like the following. There are three options in the hidden file,We uncheck the file extension when renaming.

Then we go back to the folder window, on top of the fileRight click — renameThis file.

Now we find outThe file with the suffix TXT of Hello is also displayed in the edit box,And the suffix can also be edited.

The above is the skill of modifying file suffix in Linux system. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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