How does deepin log off the system? Method of logging off and switching users in deepin system


There are many ways to log off the deepin system. Next, we will log off the interface in multiple ways.

1、 Graphics logout

Point“Power Supply”。

Point “cancellation“。

2、 Character interface logout

To log off the character interface, you only need to executeExit commandJust.

3、 Operate lightdm directly to log out

The essence of logout is to restart x desktop environment, DThe desktop manager used by eepin is lightdm。 Click the starter.

Find the terminal.

service ligthdm restart

You can log out.

You can also use

systemctl restart lightdm

Supplement: logoff switching user login

Deep deepin20 logoff switching user login can refer to the following contents.

Switch user login

Click the power button.

spotSwitch users

be careful: This is a new feature added in deepin V20.

Then select the user to switch and click.

Enter the password of the switching user to log in.

Logout login

In fact, the user switching and logout functions are similar. You can also directly click the logout button.

Then click the figure head as shown in the figure below in the logout interface.

Then you enter the user selection interface,The two functions of logging off and switching users are the same. The only difference is the options in the user interface.

The above is the method of logging off and switching users in deepin system. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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