How does computer desktop have icon to return a responsibility? How to solve?


When using the computer, you will encounter some computer failures more or less. For example, sometimes you will find that there are no desktop icons, so what should we do? The following small series for you to introduce the computer desktop no icon method, hope to help you!

Method 1

Win10 or 7, 8 system, “desktop” right click “personalization”, “theme” “desktop icon settings” select the icon you want to display on the desktop.

In Win XP system, right-click “arrange icons” and “display desktop icons” in the blank area of the desktop



Method 2

CTRI + Alt + Del key combination to open the “task manager” to see if the process has explore.exe , if not, enter in new task explorer.exe


Win10 needs to switch to “brief information”, right-click in non blank space, and enter “run new task” explorer.exe




If so, end the process, and then “create a new task”, restart, the desktop should be able to display normally.


Method 3

The system files may be damaged or tampered due to poisoning or other reasons, and the desktop startup item is lost. It is recommended to first kill the virus, copy the “C:: documents and settings \ \ all users” file to other computers, and then cover your original files, or use system restore or one click restore to repair.

Method 4

Start run input gpedit.msc Open group policy

“User configuration” “management templates” “desktop”, find “hide and disable all desktop items” on the right


Double click to set “disable” in the dialog box that appears.


Method 5 modify the registry

”Start “run” enter regedit to open “Registry”

Go to HKEY_ CURRENT_ USER\software\microsoft\windows\current version\polices\exlorer

Double click “nodesktop” on the right and set “numerical data” to 0 in the pop-up window

If there is no nodesktop item on the right, right-click “Explorer” and select “new” “DWORD value” from the pop-up menu to change the name to “nodesktop”. Double click to set “numerical data” to 0 in the pop-up window



”Start “run” enter regedit to open “Registry”

Go to HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

See if the shell value on the right is“ explorer.exe ”

If not, double-click to change “numerical data” to“ explorer.exe ”。



Method 6

Open notepad and enter






Save as show file name Desktop.scf

Then copy it to the directory of C: / / documents and settings (your user name), application data, Microsoft, Internet Explorer and quick launch.



Method 7

Copy from the normal system C: windows. System32\ shdocvw.dll file

Rename to shdocvw32.dll

Paste it into the folder of the computer in question: C: windows. System32

Task manager new task run explorer.exe


Method 8

Add registry key:


Right click to add “string value” explorer

Double click to change “numerical data” to C: windows\ explorer.exe



Method 9

Open “CMD”

Enter C: windows, system32, dllcache\ explorer.exe


Method 10


Then “run” msconfig and locate the System.ini and Win.ini file


The original value of [boot] item is configured as “shell”= explorer.exe ”,

explorer.exe It is one of the core files of windows. Every time the system starts, it will be loaded automatically.

After the [boot] item is modified, configure “shell = Explorer C:: windows”\ xxx.exe ”( xxx.exe Trojan horse program).

Win.ini (location C: Windows)

The original value of [windows] item is configured as “load =” run =. Generally, there is no start-up add-on after the equal sign.

After the [windows] item is modified, configure “load =” followed by the non system startup file.

Change shell = to explorer.exe , which can be loaded automatically or created in the startup item explorer.exe

Method 11

Copy C: windows from another computer\ explorer.exe The file replaces the problem computer explorer.exe file

Method 12

Remove the check in front of “hide icons when viewing desktop by web page” in “display properties” and “effects”.

The above is the computer desktop no icon 12 solutions, you can choose the most suitable method according to your own situation, I hope to help you!