How does CentOS virtual machine enter rescue mode?


1. Right click the virtual machine and select power supply. When the power is turned on, enter BIOS

2. After entering BIOS, move the CD-ROM drive under boot to the top, and then press F10 to save and restart

3. After restart, enter menu, select rescue installed system and press enter

4. In the rescue mode, multiple dialog boxes will pop up for selection. The default language is en, the default keyboard is us, and the mount option is continue. After that, it is OK. Finally, select shell and enter the rescue mode

5. Enter the mount partition CD / MNT / sysimage /, switch bash to shchroot / MNT / sysimage /, execute passwd to change the password, exit and exit to the rescue system, and finally reboot. Note: after the password change is completed, you should also shut down to change BIOS and change the order of CD-ROM drive back. Otherwise, you will enter the menu every time you start the system