How does CentOS install desktop environment? How does CentOS install desktop environment


By default, the installation is minimized, or because the desktop component is not installed when the system is installed, install the desktop environment now

Take centos6 for example, it’s a little different. For other systems, please refer to Yum grouplist to find the relevant components

1. Display the installed components of the system and the components that can be installed:

#yum grouplist 

2. If minimized installation is adopted at the beginning of system installation, X window is not installed

#yum groupinstall “X Window System” 

3. Install GNOME desktop environment Yum groupinstall “GNOME desktop environment”

4. Install KDE desktop environment Yum groupinstall “KDE (K Desktop Environment)”

5. Uninstall GNOME desktop environment Yum groupremove “GNOME desktop environment”

6. Uninstall KDE desktop environment Yum groupremove “KDE (K Desktop Environment)”

KDE installation 1 2 4

CentOS 6.3 install GNOME desktop environment Yum groupinstall “desktop” (find relevant components in Yum grouplist)

Start up as text interface, switch from text interface to graphic interface

Method 1: run the command 

#Startx? Need to configure GUI information first

Method 2: modify the

ID: 3: initdefault change 3 to 5 restart the system

Method 3: enter the graphic interface init 5, enter the text interface from the graphic interface init 3, restart init 6