How does ArcGIS create a new point, line and area layer and merge it? Skills of merging layers in ArcGIS


How to create point, line and surface layers in ArcGIS, and how to merge them if you want to merge them after creation? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

Software name:
ArcGIS desktop 10.7 perfect Chinese Special Edition (with activation patch + Chinese package + installation tutorial)
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Update time:
2020-07-22Download now

1、 New layer

Run ArcGIS software

In the ArcGIS main menu, find the catalog tool tool and click catalog

Click where you want to create the layer

Right click, clickNew

choiceThe type of layer,Point line surface, let’s select the face layer here


After selecting the projection, click OK to see the specific projection information

After you confirm, you will see the new layer.

2、 Merge layers

Click“Start – ArcGIS – ArcMap 10,Start the ArcMap program.

choiceBlank map”Template, click“OK”, create a new blank map.

Click the on the ArcMap toolbar“Add dataButton, select the two layers to be merged, and click“add to”, add two layers to the map.

Click the on the ArcMap toolbar“ArcTools toolbox”Button, open the ArcGIS toolbox, find and click“Data Management Tools.tbx”—“General – Merge”, openLayer mergeTools.

In the layer merge tool interface, click“Input dataset”Select the layer you want to merge from the drop-down list.

Add all layers to be merged to the list,Select the name and storage location of the merged layer, click “OK” to start layer merging.

After the layer merging operation is completed, the two layers can be merged. After the layer is merged successfully, it will be automatically added to the map.

matters needing attention:

The layers to be merged must be in the GDB or MDB database

The above is the skill of merging layers in ArcGIS. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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