How does ArcGIS create a new database? Skills of ArcGIS in creating database


Creating a new database is a necessary operation of ArcGIS, which is often used, but many novices don’t know how to create a new database. Let’s take a look at how ArcGIS creates a database and creates itTips for modifying field names.

Open ArcGIS, select a folder, right-click, and create new. You can choose whether to create a file database or a personal database.

clickNew database, right click,Select import features

The following dialog box pops up,Fill in input feature and output feature classesFinally, click OK.

The feature is successfully imported into the database.

Double click the layer, open the layer properties dialog box,Select field, you can modify the field name, and finally click OK.

Click the layer,Open the property sheet.

You can see that the field name has been modified.

matters needing attention:

Pay attention to the establishment of database.

The above is the skills of ArcGIS to create a database. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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