How does ArcGIS add coordinate systems to images?


ArcGIS product line provides users with a scalable and comprehensive GIS platform. How can ArcGIS add coordinate system to images? Let’s have a look

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1. Usually, the image needs to have a corresponding coordinate system when analyzing the image. At this time, the coordinate system needs to be added to the image. The specific operations are as follows.

2. Add image to ArcGIS

3. Open the arctoolbox toolbox in the toolbar, as shown in the following figure

4. Find the data management tools in the arctoolbox toolbox

5. Then find the projection and transformation tool – Features – to define the projection

6. As shown in the figure below, add image data in the window, then select the corresponding coordinate system to be added, and click OK

7. Finally, check the image properties again, and you can see that there is a coordinate system. Here you can also use the projection grid tool in grid projection

The above is how ArcGIS adds a coordinate system to an image? For more information about adding coordinate systems to images by ArcGIS, please pay attention todeveloppaerOther related articles!