How does Apple MacOS Big Sur 11.3 use the new Hello screen protector?


MacOS Big Sur 11.3 adds a “hello” screen saver, which seems to be designed for the new IMAC model, but it can also be used on any MAC running 11.3.

The new screen saver is not available by default, but can be enabled on any MAC machine with simple settings.

On a Mac running MacOS Big Sur 11.3, follow the instructions below.

How to use the screen saver

  • Open the system folder
  • Click database
  • clickScreen saver

  • Drag the “hello. Saver” file onto the desktop
  • Rename the Hello file to something else
  • Double click the file

  • Install according to the instructions

You should then see that the “hello” screen saver is added as an option in the MAC screen saver list in System Preferences > Desktop > Screen Saver > screen saver.

The “hello” screen saver loops through various colors and has several themes to choose from, including soft tones, spectra and minimalism. Soft tones use the soft colors and matching color text introduced by the new iMacs, while the spectrum uses more saturated tones and lighter text. Minimalist displays the words “hello” in black, white and gray.

We learned that by default, the screen saver will display “hello” in multiple languages, but you can force it to use only your native language by toggling off “show ‘hello’ in all languages” in the screen saver options.

The above is the new Hello screen protector for Apple MacOS Big Sur 11.3. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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