How does Apple Mac make GIF images?


How to quickly and conveniently make GIF pictures on Mac? We all know that making GIF on Windows system is very simple, and there are a lot of software, but Apple Mac system is different. Let’s see how to make GIF animation in MAC system, and friends can refer to it

Software name:
Picpick portable full screen capture tool v5.0.4 free version
Software size:
Update time:
2019-07-26Download now

1. Open the apple store, search for picgif, download and install

2. Be ready to make a number of GIF images, the picture size should be consistent

3. Click launch pad to open the photo

4. Set the GIF photo parameters in the settings on the right, such as the interval of photo switching, or adding some text. After setting, click Create GIF in the upper right corner

5. Click create, pop up the save dialog box, save the file, you can get the desired GIF image

6. Select GIF image on MAC and press space bar to preview

7. You can also use other third-party GIF image making software or Photoshop to make GIF pictures

matters needing attention:

1. The size of the original image you are going to use to make a GIF image must be the same.

2. Adjust the time interval of picture switching according to your own requirements.