How does Android studio create a new project? Android studio new project and common settings for novice development


Chinese version of Android studioIt is an Android integrated development tool and software developed on the basis of idea. All of them are developed based on Java programming language. It can achieve visual interface, so that more developers’ sense of loss of the old-fashioned integrated development environment eclipse can be met, and more needs of developers can be solved.

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Android studio stable version v3.5.2 Chinese installation version (with Chinese package + installation tutorial) 64 bit
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2020-08-20Download now

How to create a new project in Android studio

After the installation, open our Android studio. It takes a long time to download the SDK and other things for the first startup. The author waited about 40 minutes before downloading

Select the first item and create a new Android project

Choose which platform the developer will run on:

Choose the style of the activity:

Set some information about the activity after entering a page of the program

Finish and then a long wait~

Installation is complete here.

Let’s take a look at our project structure. What we usually care about is the app Directory:

Common settings for novice development

Programming font settings

If you want to modify the font of the editor and the fonts displayed in all files, you can set the following: settings – > editor – > colors & fonts – > font. Default system display scheme is defualt, you can’t edit, you need to click Save as on the right , save a copy of your settings and set them in them. After that, you can set the font in editor font. I like to use the courier new font.

Default file encoding settings

UTF-8 needs to be used in development, and can be set as follows: settings – > file encodings. It is recommended that ide encoding, project encoding, and properties fields be set to a unified code.

Shortcut key settings

First, you can use eclipse’s shortcut keys in Android studio. It can also be set separately: settings – > keymap. Select the shortcut key of the corresponding ide from keymaps. Android studio supports more shortcut keys for other ides. It is recommended not to use the shortcut key of other IDE, but to use the shortcut key of Android studio.

Modify default shortcut key

When you want to modify a default shortcut key configuration, you need to click Copy to create your own shortcut key and set it on it. Main menu – > code – > completion – > Basic.

Check for updates (turn off recommended)

Cancel both of them!

Android studio supports automatic checking for updates. Sometimes there are several updates a week before the official version is released. You can set the type of check to control the type of update. Settings –> Updates 。 Check check for updates in channel to enable automatic checking of updates. You can disable automatic checking for updates. The list on the right is the update channel.

Stable channel: official version channel. Only the latest official version will be obtained

Beta channel: test version channel, which only gets the latest test version

Dev channel: development release channel, only the latest development version will be obtained

Canary channel: to preview the release channel, only the latest preview version will be obtained

Auto import settings (all on)

The required jar package will be imported automatically

When you copy a piece of code from other places to Android studio, the default Android studio will not automatically import the reference of the class used in this code. You can set the following settings: settings – > editor – > auto import, and check add ambiguous improvements on the fly.

modify file

Find < Android studio > \ bin\ File, open, change to this:

#Disable automatically checking and upgrading the Android SDK the first time you run Android studio

#The following two are the directories where Android studio’s settings, plug-ins and other files generated at runtime are stored

#If you don’t change it, windows will default to C: users \ < username > \. Androidstudio. 2 \

# ${ idea.home.path }Indicates the home directory of Android studio program. Note that the directory separator should use forward slash “/” idea.config.path= $+ idea.home.path }/.AndroidStudio.2/config


Open project settings

① Disable automatic opening of last closed project, disable exit prompt; 2) prompt mode of opening new project

Code smart tips

① Prompt everything when you type. ③ prompt time setting

If you type any character, you will be prompted, all (all case), none (no matter case, prompt), first letter (the first character is OK, others are optional). Of course, I choose none for those who have no memory. The time is set according to the performance of your computer

Suffix before modifying variable

Static member is s, ordinary member is m. when converting into member variable, M is added automatically. When generating setter and getter, m will be ignored, which is very good and powerful

The above is all about the new Android studio project and the common settings for novice developers. I hope it will help you. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer for more content.

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