How does Android studio create a new project and update it?


Android studio is a development program that can easily make Android programs. However, due to the lack of Chinese version, English is an obstacle that has to be overcome in the initial stage of learning and using; As beginners, how can we create new projects and update Android studio? Here are the detailed steps.

1、 Android studio new project

1. The starting page of Android studio is relatively special, which is a small window. The new and open commands are on the top of this page, whileAndroid studioThe setting options of are displayed in theLower right corner

2. We will set up a new project and click the first one in the window of the start page“start a new Android studio project”, start to create a new project.

3. The system will automatically pop up the setting window of the new project. The first thing we need to set is the name and storage location of the project. In order to avoid errors, try to use English names and English storage paths.

4. After setting the name and storage path, click“Next”,Enter the next step of setting. This window is to set the applicable Android system version of our project. Select the appropriate version and click“Next”。

5. After completing the basic attributes of our project, we will enter the type selection of the project,Android studioGive users a lot of choices, the first one“add no activity”, the system will not give us the original code.

6. Select first“add no activity”The system will be a completely blank program, while other program templates will have the default original code, which can reduce the input workload of users. We choose the first one to create.

7. SelectTemplateAfter, click“Finish “Set all properties and start the construction of the new project. Android studio will return to the initial page and start the new process.

8. After waiting for a moment,Android studioAfter the establishment of a new project is completed, the project will be automatically opened and enter the edit page of the project. Then we can start programming and other operations.

2、 Android studio update check

1. When our project appears“Gradle project sync failed”Generally, it is because Android studio has not been updated, or SDK files are indeed checkedAndroid studioIt is necessary to update.

2. At the top of the Android studio page, select“Help——Check For Updates”Click to check the update of Android studio and wait for a period of time to check the file.

3. If you need to update, the system will pop up the content to be updated and the update size. After confirming the content, click“Update Now”You can start the update. Before the update, you need to confirm the update agreement.

4. After confirming to start the update, the system will pop up the update progress window and start downloading the update. Click the“Background”,Will return the update window to the background, click the“Cancel”,You can cancel the update.

matters needing attention:

Android studio update requires Internet connection.

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